Trying to be a part of the nature

Curug Cilember

Curug Cilember – Bogor

19 November 2011

It has been long time that I want to visit a waterfall near my house area, it is called Curug Cilember.. so in Saturday morning, me and a friend went there, even the weather was a bit cold and cloudy we still stick in our plan…we spent 1,5 hours on the road to be there….

When we arrived we can see that many tourist come to this place,  mostly they were family with little kids and old parents…i was wondering if they can walk and hike up to see the waterfalls…but then i realize the track to the waterfall  has been made so comfortably for all ages…hahah…

First, we entered the butterflies conservation, it was round building and very eye catching, the building attracted the visitors to come and see what was inside….

I spent few minutes in the conservation centre of butterflies…but too bad there were only few butterflies there, the security said, they won’t be much in the rain season, so i came in the wrong time then .. but no worries, i still can catch some of their pictures 😉


Then we continue to see the waterfalls…first waterfall was suitable for families, the track was comfortable and everyone can walk there easily…it was very crowded around the first waterfall, so i went to the next waterfall, we had to hike up a bit, but the track was large enough, so i think its not that difficult, just need an extra energy to hike up 😀

Second waterfall was quite, just few people here, so i decided to take some more pictures, this waterfall is short but having heavy flow…many big rocks around it, a bit dark and slippery…so i must be careful for taking pictures….Actually there are another 4 waterfall in Curug Cilember, but i finished in the second waterfall because it was too cloudy and dark around there, so we decided to going home before the rain fall down…


Overall it was just a fine trip 😉


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